Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.0417525, Longitude: -70.6722767


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 SOULE, Zachariah  Bef 22 May 1627Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I60
2 SOULE, John  Abt 1632Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I61
3 SOULE, Nathaniel  Abt 1637Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I63
4 SOULE, George Jr.  Abt 1639Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I49
5 SOULE, Susannah  Abt 1642Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I62
6 SOULE, Mary  Abt 1644Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I64
7 SOULE, Elizabeth  Abt 1645Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I65
8 SOULE, Patience  Abt 1648Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I66
9 SOULE, Benjamin  Abt 1651Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I67
10 SOULE, Rebecca  ca. 1657Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I490
11 SOULE, James  4 Oct 1659Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I509
12 SOULE, Sarah  Abt. 1660Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I309
13 WESTON, Edmund  ca. 1660/1661Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I491
14 WESTON, John  1662Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I948
15 SOULE, Rachel  ca. 1663Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I528
16 SOULE, Aaron  ca. 1664Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I544
17 PETERSON, John  ca. 1665Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I918
18 SOULE, Benjamin  ca. 1666Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I553
19 STANDISH, Sarah  ca. 1666Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I554
20 PETERSON, Joseph  ca. 1667Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I919
21 WADSWORTH, Mary  18 Dec 1668Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I545
22 SOULE, Zachariah  ca. 1669Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I604
23 PETERSON, Benjamin  ca. Sep 1669Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I920
24 PETERSON, Martha  ca. 1672Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I921
25 SOULE, Moses  ca. 1672Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I566
26 PETERSON, Jonathan  ca. 1674Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I922
27 SOULE, John  ca. 1675Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I587
28 PETERSON, David  1 Oct 1676Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I923
29 PETERSON, Isaac  ca. 1678Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I924
30 SOUTHWORTH, Mercy  ca. 1678Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I567
31 SOULE, Joseph  31 Jul 1679Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I606
32 SOULE, Josiah  31 Jul 1679Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I607
33 PETERSON, Mary  ca. 1680Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I609
34 DELANO, Lydia  ca. Mar 1680Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I615
35 SOULE, Joshua  12 Oct 1681Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I608
36 PETERSON, Rebecca  ca. 1682Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I925
37 COLE, Ephraim  24 Jun 1688Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I812
38 PETERSON, Mercy  ca. Jun 1699Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I931
39 DELANO, Joshua  30 Oct 1700Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I960
40 SOULE, Mary  ca. 1701Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I542
41 PETERSON, John  22 Aug 1701Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I939
42 SOULE, Isaac  ca. 1701/02Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I568
43 SOULE, Cornelius  ca. 1703Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I569
44 MAGOON, David  1 Nov 1703Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I552
45 PETERSON, Hopestill  20 Jan 1703/04Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I940
46 DREW, Perez  Dec 1704Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I642
47 SOULE, Jonathan  23 Jun 1705Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I616
48 SOULE, Zeruiah  2 Nov 1705Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I623
49 SOULE, Aaron  Dec 1705Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I546
50 SOULE, Barnabas  19 Dec 1705Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I570

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SOULE, Asa  1 May 1753Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I1415
2 SOULE, Ezekiel  Aug 1753Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I2104
3 SOULE, Nathaniel  25 Oct 1767Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I1347
4 SOULE, Luther  17 Jul 1768Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I1374
5 SOULE, Alathea  8 Oct 1769Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I1375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 SOULE, Zachariah  Bef 11 Dec 1663Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I60
2 SIMMONS, Rebecca  Abt. 1675Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I308
3 BUCKETT, Mary  16 Dec 1676Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I59
4 SOULE, George Sr.  Bef 22 Jan 1679Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I58
5 SOULE, John  Bef 14 Nov 1707Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I61
6 PETERSON, John  28 Apr 1718 - 16 Mar 1719/20Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I917
7 SOUTHWORTH, Mercy  Bef. 15 Jan 1729/30Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I567
8 WADSWORTH, Hannah  6-7 Feb 1732/33Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I930
9 SOULE, John  Bef. 24 Feb 1734Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I624
10 DELANO, Esther  12 Sep 1735Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I605
11 WESTON, John  bef. 18 Nov 1736Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I948
12 PETERSON, Isaac  bef. 27 Jan 1741/42Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I924
13 SOULE, Moses  10 May 1748Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I566
14 SOULE, Mary  25 Jun 1750Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I610
15 PETERSON, Joseph  ca. 1751Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I928
16 PETERSON, Joseph  bef. 10 Apr 1751Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I919
17 SOULE, Lydia  Bef. 16 Jan 1755Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I612
18 PETERSON, Mary  16 Jan 1755Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I609
19 MCFARLAND, William  1760Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I951
20 PETERSON, Benjamin  11 Feb 1760Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I920
21 PETERSON, David  30 Sep 1760Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I923
22 WESTON, Eliphaz  18 Mar 1762Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I964
23 HOBART, Mary  22 Mar 1763Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I943
24 SOULE, Joseph  11 Jul 1763Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I606
25 DELANO, Lydia  23/24 Nov 1763Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I615
26 SOULE, Josiah  25 Jan 1764Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I607
27 SIMMONS, Rebecca  25 Jun 1764Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I962
28 PETERSON, Jonathan  5 May 1765Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I941
29 SOULE, Joshua  29 May 1767Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I608
30 SOULE, Abigail  23 Oct 1767Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I627
31 SOULE, Luther  21 May 1768Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I1374
32 SOULE, Hannah  25 Sep 1768Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I613
33 PETERSON, Mercy  27 Sep 1768Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I931
34 SOULE, Alathea  20 May 1771Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I1375
35 DREW, Perez  12 Nov 1774Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I642
36 SOULE, Jonathan  4 Apr 1776Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I616
37 SOULE, Ruth  17 Mar 1777Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I571
38 HARLOW, Mary  20 Oct 1777Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I954
39 SOULE, Abishai  4 Jan 1778Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I618
40 WESTON, Joseph  11 Sep 1778Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I952
41 PETERSON, Priscilla  22 Sep 1778Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I944
42 SOULE, Micah  4 Nov 1778Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I619
43 SAMPSON, Ebenezer  25 Nov 1778Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I639
44 SOULE, Lydia  3 Mar 1779Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I621
45 SOULE, Mary  3 Jan 1781Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I617
46 SOULE, Zeruiah  21 Dec 1782Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I623
47 PETERSON, Jacob  27 Jan 1784Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I933
48 PETERSON, Sarah  15 Mar 1789Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I929
49 PETERSON, Reuben  1 Nov 1795Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I942
50 DREW, Samuel  aft. 4 Jul 1796Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I968

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Soule / Simmons  ca. 1656Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F261
2 Peterson / Soule  ca. 1664Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F421
3 Soule / Delano  Aft. 3 Jul 1678Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F262
4 Soule / Thompson  14 Dec 1693Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F214
5 Soule / Southworth  ca. 1700/01Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F242
6 Weston / Peterson  18 May 1721Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F563
7 Cole / West  23 Mar 1723/24Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F363
8 Soule / Peterson  5 May 1727Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F232
9 Magoon / Soule  26 Sep 1728Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F235
10 Soule / Chandler  15 Jan 1729/30Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F243
11 Cushman / Soule  2 Jan 1732/33Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F266
12 Soule / Peterson  26 Dec 1733Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F233
13 Cushman / Soule  30 Jan 1734/35Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F267
14 Soule / Southworth  31 May 1740Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F270
15 Soule / Bishop  4 Nov 1741Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F253
16 Simmons / Soule  8 Dec 1743Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F272
17 Soule / Southworth  17 Dec 1746Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F278
18 Bisbee / Soule  26 Nov 1747Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F279
19 Soule / Cushman  14 Feb 1765Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F522
20 Soule / Southworth  15 Apr 1772/3Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F873
21 Soule / Tolman  27 Apr 1775Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F271